Saturday, October 25, 2008

Missing Street Trees?

Staying on the subject of trees, while I've been out and about in the ward delivering newsletters over the past few days, I've noticed a number of places where street trees have been removed and not replaced. In some cases it may be that they were removed this year and replanting is scheduled for the coming months, but in other cases I suspect they have somehow slipped through the net and been forgotten. The ones I noticed while delivering newsletters were on Abbotswell Road, Francemary Road, Elsiemaud Road, Arthurdon Road, Henryson Road and Brockley Grove.

I've contacted the Council's tree officer about these, but if there are any other places in your area where street trees have fallen down/been removed but not replaced, do leave a comment or e-mail me with the location, when the tree was removed and what species it was (if you know) and I will add them to my list to follow up on. Meanwhile, I'll continue my mini-audit of street trees as I deliver newsletters elsewhere in the ward.

NB: I'm already aware of the missing tree outside 15 Veda Road, which I've been assured will be replaced before Christmas, and am following up on requests from residents on Braxfield Road for some street trees.


Headhunter said...

There's a missing tree on Manor Ave, it's on the even side of the road it's outside approximately late 60s or early 70s, not sure the exact number. It was chopped down in late 06, just after I moved into Manor Ave, so I'd say around Oct 06, then the stump was removed in early 07 I think and the patch tarmacked over.

Anonymous said...

Hi Headhunter
Many thanks for your comment. I've passed this on to Cllr Dean Walton to follow up on as Manor Ave is in Brockley ward.