Monday, October 06, 2008

Come along to the second Ladywell Assembly

The second Ladywell Assembly is going to take place on Wednesday, 8 October from 7-9pm in the modern science block of Prendergast School on Adelaide Avenue (no need to trek up the hill in Hilly Fields!).

The first assembly at the end of June identified the key areas local residents were concerned about: local shops (improving local shopping parades), streetscape and the environment, traffic and parking, lack of youth and community facilities, anti-social behaviour and crime and the Playtower on Ladywell Road. Updates on recent developments and progress reports will be presented, and priorities for future action will be further discussed at the assembly on Wednesday.

There will also be an introduction of an exciting project which would involve the whole ward – how Ladywell can become a more sustainable community. This can cover a range of issues such as food, waste, travel, domestic energy consumption, renewable energy installations, sustainable construction – something in there for everybody to get involved in and benefit from. There is funding available to take this forward if the assembly thinks it would benefit the ward.

In addition, there is an opportunity for community groups and local organisations to present themselves and their work in Ladywell.

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