Friday, October 10, 2008

Beckenham Place Park Consultation

Beckenham Place Park is a huge park on the borders with Bromley. Never been there or heard of it? That's kind of the problem and what the Council wants to do something about - to raise the profile of the park, give it a revamp and attract more visitors to it. I have to confess I've only made it there once, although I keep meaning to go back.

One of the issues the Council wants local views on is whether the 18-hole golf course currently in Beckenham Place Park should be reduced to 9-holes, to enable other uses of the park and to make it less 'golf-dominated'. Personally, I think this is probably a good idea, although there is strong opposition from golfers.

The park also has some ecologically-important ancient woodland, which deserves proper management and is often overlooked in the arguments over golf courses. The other key issues are what to do with the the grade II* listed Mansion House in the grounds and the Homestead buildings. Both are in need of significant invesment to renovate them - money which the Council doesn't have. Anyway, you can have your say by filling in the survey here. The deadline for responses is October 17th.

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