Sunday, October 05, 2008

Loampit Vale Planning Application

The application for Loampit Vale has now been submitted to Planning. This is a major application adjacent to Ladywell ward and likely therefore to have a significant impact on residents in nearby streets, so I thought I would flag it up so you can find out more and send any comments you wish on this to planning. You can see the application here. The developers also have a website.

It is for "The comprehensive mixed use redevelopment of the land on the South Side of Loampit Vale, SE13 7DJ between the two railway bridges, either side of Elmira Street and north of Vian Street and Cornmill Gardens as follows: Eight buildings ranging in height from 5 to 22 storeys 819 residential flats A leisure centre (including a swimming pool) (D2) Replacement facilities for the existing London City Mission (D1) Shops, Financial/Professional Services and Business space (A1, A2 and B1) (approx. 1,670m², including Business space for 'Creative Industries' of approx. 620m²) Public and private open space 201 car parking spaces, 893 cycle spaces and 20 motorcycle spaces An energy centre Associated highway works."

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