Monday, October 13, 2008

Climate Rush - 100 years on from the Suffragettes

Well done to local Green Party member Andrea Hughes who took part in the Climate Rush protest at Westminster today - hundreds of women dressed in Victorian outfits marking the one hundredth anniversary of the suffragettes rush and calling for government action not just words on climate change. I had very much hoped to join her but had to be at a meeting locally.

Boos to the police who pushed Andrea around and left her with bruised ribs - she's 61 years old, volunteers for a number of local projects in Lewisham including the Time Bank and Green Gym and really isn't a great threat to national security for goodness sake - bashing pensioners about was not in the police job description last time I looked.

The protest comes just days after the approval of the Stansted and City Airport expansions undermined for many green activists any remnants of credibility the government may have had with regards to its commitment to curbing carbon emissions. If the government continues in this way, it shouldn't be surprised if an increasing number of generally law-abiding citizens turn to more militant methods of protest, much as the suffragettes had to do.


Jim Jay said...

I hope she's ok.

Yes this looked great - a really good turnout for something that had no real profile before hand.

It is *our* Parliament so I'm not quite sure why we're not allowed in.

Anyway, well done everynoe involved!

Jamie said...

Outstanding action and disgraceful to hear about this woman's treatment. I hope she recovers speedily in the knowledge that she took part in an essential action.

The action was excellent. Caroline Lucas, as always, gave a fantastic speech. Completely inspiring. Direct Action is all we have left. Deeds not words. Absolutely!

Virginia Harris said...

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Anonymous said...

What do you reckon folks - is the above just blatant spam that should be deleted?

Jim Jay said...

Not sure - checked out the link and it does seem to be about suffragettes.

Although it's a US site it is kinda on topic spam... personally I'd probably leave it.

weggis said...

"They don't like it up em do they"
Lance-Corporal Jack Jones