Monday, October 06, 2008

Ladywell Locality Fund - proposals for spending requested

Because the deadline for proposals on how the £10,000 Locality Fund should be spent in Ladywell is on Monday, 20 October, this is not a major agenda item for the Ladywell Assembly on Wednesday. As in the past, activities or projects should aim to improve the local area and involve the community. Staff costs cannot be covered and the money needs to be transferred by 31 March 2009 even if the activity takes place later, for example in the summer. There should be a reasonable balance between activities in different parts of the ward and involving different parts of the community.

A tall order but I think this has worked fairly well in the past two years. The Locality Fund has paid for youth activities in Slagrove Place, playground equipment for Gordonbrock School, street planters, the Christmas tree in Ladywell village and additional Christmas lights, toys for a playgroup in Crofton Park Baptist Church, training equipment for the football classes in Hilly Fields, a contribution to Brockley Max arts festival and various other activities.

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