Saturday, October 25, 2008

Tree Works in Ladywell Fields

I have been informed by Council officers that unfortunately a number of trees need to be felled in Ladywell Fields. This is because they are diseased and pose a health and safety risk to park users. These are works that were identified as necessary during a survey carried out by an independent tree consultant in 2006, but it was agreed to leave them until after the QUERCUS project was complete. The Council has now revisited the survey with the help of another tree expert.

The aim is to minimise the works required, for the sake of the park as well as the budget, but the arboriculturalist has confirmed that several mature trees will have to be felled (most notably a number of Ash by the main path running parallel to the railway line in the northern field) as they pose real danger to park users. However some other trees in less prominent locations, e.g. on the river bank and/or behind railings may be allowed to die naturally, and remain standing or fall as deadwood.

Council officers had a walkabout this morning with representatives from Ladywell Fields Users Group and Ladywell Society to point out the trees in question and explain why the work was necessary. My understanding is that all trees felled will be replaced, but I will check this with officers.

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