Monday, April 16, 2007

Tree removal on Veda Road

A resident came to see me at surgery on Saturday about a much loved tree that had been chopped down in Veda Road, and she and her neighbours were concerned that it had been chopped down unnecessarily when it only looked slightly storm damaged. I've checked with the aboricultural team (as you do!) and thought I would post their response in case anyone else was wondering why the tree was removed. They have confirmed that the tree was quite badly damaged and infected, but that a replacement will be planted in the Autumn:

"When the tree was inspected it was discovered its large leader had snapped and was resting on the BT lines and a lamp post. A split leader will cause a big wound and leave the tree open to infection. It had also suffered the double whammy of having been compromised due to a fruiting body, which would usually be Ganoderma, and thus it was decided it should be removed on health and safety grounds. Losing a tree is always unfortunate, however I have put the request through for the tree to be replanted."

So there you go. Now, who said that Greens were a bunch of tree-hugging hippies . . .


Terry said...

That was April 2007
but no sign of a new tree though ?

Anonymous said...

Hi Terry
Are you talking about outside 15 Veda Road? Still no tree? It may be that it is down for their Autumn planting schedule, but I will check. Thanks for flagging this up.
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Just got a response from the Council's tree people - apparently they have met with local residents recently to discuss this and assure me that the replacement tree will be planted before Christmas.