Monday, April 16, 2007

Lewisham Green Party Summer Outings

Lewisham Green Party's annual trip to Whitstable has become something of a legend over the years, which invariably involves Dean getting over-excited on the train on the way there and blowing up his inflatable beach ball/shark and other beach accoutrements in the carriage. However this year, as much as we love Whitstable, we've decided to take a year off and explore pastures new. In fact, we're having two outings. All members and supporters welcome:

Saturday 9th June: Leisurely bike ride to the Lea River. Meet at 12.00 at St Andrew's Church on the corner of Brockley Road and Wickham Road.

Saturday 28th July: Yalding Organic Gardens, Kent. Details to follow, but hold the date!

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Cllr Dean Walton said...

Of course as Sue eats a largely vegan diet she would not understand why I get excited about the prospect of an afternoon of oysters and beer. Whitstable did not let me down once we got there - a wonderfully healthy alternative to McDonalds available in the festival in the harbour -'Kipper in a bun'.

With regard to the inflatables etc...I do not deny these being inflated on the train...but must add that this was much appreciated by the children on the train. The 'child' in Sue (not a reference to an as yet unannouced baby) was also delighted by the shark and thoroughly enjoyed playing with these in the proper place - the sea.