Sunday, January 14, 2007

Great response to locality fund

Mike, Ute and I met up this afternoon to go through the suggestions we've received from residents for the £10,000 locality ward fund (see earlier posts here and here). We received lots of excellent proposals and could easily have spent the money ten times over. Thank you to everyone who got in touch. We have provisionally decided how we would like to allocate the money, but need to get more exact costings before we can confirm anything. We are also looking into how some of the other ideas could potentially be funded/developed and following up on casework that has emerged from the process.

For your information, here are the suggestions we were sent (in no particular order):

Playground equipment for Gordonbrock Primary School, bat and bird boxes for Hilly Fields, Christmas tree on corner Algernon Rd/Ladywell Rd again next year, brighter street lighting in Malyons Terrace/Malyons Rd, hanging baskets, zebra crossing on Algernon Rd at junction with Ladywell Rd, pool tables for Crofton Baptist Church youth club, resurfacing pavement on lower part of Tressillian Rd, IT suite open to local community, extending opening hours of Brockley cemetery and promoting its use as a green space, health events aimed specifically at young people, additional Christmas lighting by shops on Algernon Rd, a bench by the post office on Algernon Rd, resurfacing of unused tarmaced area on Viney Rd and provision of basketball hoops for young people, Christmas lights and planters/hanging basket on Loampit Vale and Loampit Hill, playground equipment for Dressington Avenue, funding a Brockley Max closing night concert on Hilly Fields.

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