Monday, January 15, 2007

M&S ups the green ante

Very encouraging news from M&S today that they are planning to go carbon neutral. See here and here. Even allowing for a considerable dose of greenwash, if they do all the things they are promising, and in turn prompt other companies to follow suit, it's a step in the right direction, and more than what the government seems currently able to muster. Among the things they are aiming for in their 5-year, 100 point eco plan:

  • more local and regional sourcing of food and source as much possible from the UK & Ireland to reduce air freight (no more year-round strawberries and avocados then?!).
  • polyester clothing to be made from recycled plastic bottles rather than oil.
  • transporting more goods by freight train.
  • millions more garments made from fairtrade cotton.
  • all stores and warehouses to use renewable energy sources.
  • no waste will go to landfill.
And unlike Tony Blair, they seem to understand that carbon offsetting is the last resort rather than a solution to climate change.
Tescopoly et al take note!

Will I shop there more? Probably not, I'll still get my veg from a local organic veg box scheme and other stuff from a local independent store that sells fairtrade, organic stuff (Sheel Pharmacy on Lewisham Hill, in case you're wondering), but I may be more tempted to try M&S when I need clothes.

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