Monday, January 22, 2007

Round-up of green blogs

Quick round-up of a few green blog posts that have caught my attention in the past few days:

Interesting post about CRAGS (carbon reduction action groups) on Ruscombe Green, including the onetonners, who are, as the name suggests, trying to cut down their carbon emissions to one tonne/year. Haven't heard of any CRAG in Lewisham as yet, anyone know of one? Sian shares her republican thoughts on royal 'green' Prince Charles and his globe-trotting on Green Berry. Scott on Coventry Green Voice discusses David Cameron and the EU Social Chapter, while Molly on the excellent Gaian Economics asks "Is it all worth it for 2 weeks in the sun?". Finally, over on Croydon Greens Shasha has strawberries in his front garden and is highlighting disparities in recycling collection in different parts of the borough, while also seeing how many Green Party bigwigs he can get photographed with during his by-election campaign ;).


Philip Booth said...

Thanks for plug re blog item on CRAGs, Transition Towns and other projects - but am leaving note as love the image on this item - is there a story behind it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Philip
No I just did a Google search and found it - I like it too though.
Best wishes

Shasha Khan said...

If I'd had more time I would have tried to get pictured with every Green Party bigwig ;-)
In fact Sue you were on my my bigwig hitlist!

Anonymous said...

I'm honoured! Had every intention of getting down to Croydon to help out, but the last few weeks have been v hectic - loads of mtgs and casework. I'm hoping that this week will be quieter - just 2 mtgs - luxury! That's the calm before the storm though as the budget is looming . . .
Thought your result was excellent though, and bodes well for the GLA elections.