Sunday, January 14, 2007

Bring Back Democracy Public Meeting Monday 15th January

The Bring Back Democracy campaign are holding a public meeting on Monday 15th January at 8pm at Ladywell Pool. The aim of the campaign is to get a referendum to change back from the directly elected mayoral system of local government to the option of a Leader and Cabinet elected from and by the councillors. The campaign is supported by all the opposition parties and a number of Labour Party members.

The meeting will be chaired by Louise Irvine, chair of the New School Campaign, and addressed by John Hamilton and Nick Ingham, the Secretary and Chair of the Bring Back Democracy campaign. Also on the platform will be a representative of each of the parties involved, including a member of the Labour party. Questions from the audience will be invited and the party representatives will have a chance to respond to these.

The meeting is scheduled to last for about an hour.

Hope to see you there.

PS: Just seen that Dean has posted on this in much more detail than me.

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