Wednesday, November 29, 2006

£10,000 for Ladywell - how should we spend it?

Each ward in Lewisham has been given a £10,000 fund to be spent on community initiatives. Last year there was a pilot scheme with a grant of £5,000 per ward. In Ladywell this was spent on the hanging baskets that were along Ladywell Road over the summer, and the Christmas Tree that has just gone up outside the baker's on Algernon Road.

The question is - what would you like the money to be spent on this year?

We have a few ideas, the local police team have suggested a few ideas for funding youth projects, Gordonbrock School could happily spend the money several times over, we haven't yet approached other local groups such as Hilly Fields Users Group, Ladywell Society, Ladywell Day Centre etc for suggestions, but will be doing so shortly and trying to consult as widely as possible in the time available. (The details of the fund were only confirmed to councillors a couple of weeks ago, and we need to submit our proposals by 15th January and the money needs to be spent by the end of March 2007. )

We could go for one project that takes up the entire £10,000 (more if match-funding is available) or a number of smaller projects. It could be a football tournament, a solar panel on a community building, an outing for young people or elderly residents, equipment for a school or club, improvements to a park, more planters or hanging baskets, a community art project, a wildlife garden, benches . . . .

So, please tell us how you think the money should be spent! (Suggestions only for projects within Ladywell ward please!)

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