Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Beckenham Place Park, Green Chain Walk and dinosaurs

Took the train to Beckenham Hill on Sunday, explored a bit of Beckenham Place Park then went along the Green Chain Walk to Crystal Palace Park to see the dinosaurs and finished up in the White Hart pub. Very enjoyable day out. Have to confess I had never been to Beckenham Place Park before and it came up as an item in the Sustainable Development committee meeting and I thought I should go and take a look. Next stop on my tour of parks I've never been to in Lewisham will be Chinbrook Meadows.

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Andrew Brown said...

Ah, you should go back to Beckenham in the summer and see the formal planting it's quite fantastic. Before I first went there John Thompson told me that it was like Central Park in New York and (minus the golfers) he's not far off it.

Chinbrook is also a great place to visit. I don't know if you have children (or know people who'll lend them to you), but if you do (again in the summer) Chinbrook is a great place to take them. That's because you can get into the river and look for bugs and water life, something that all the inner 7 year olds in us will find as exciting as the kids do.