Sunday, December 10, 2006

Locality Fund - further info

Further to my earlier posting on 29 November about the locality fund, I've pasted in below the letter we are sending out to local groups with further details of how to apply:

Ladywell ward Councillors
c/o Cllr Ute Michel
Tel: 020 8691 5212

c/o Governance Support
Civic Suite, Lewisham Town Hall

6 December 2006

£10,000 Community project funding for Ladywell ward – how should it be spent?

In November the Mayor and Cabinet approved the Localities Fund for 2006/07 – each of Lewisham’s 18 wards is allocated £10,000 for activities and projects supporting community initiatives that directly benefit the local neighbourhood, make a visible difference and deliver sustainable improvements to the area. We have a number of ideas about how the money could be spent in Ladywell ward, but we would like to hear suggestions from as many residents and local groups as possible.

Examples of possible projects include:

  • Hanging baskets/street planters/street trees
  • A youth project Park benches
  • A community art project
  • A local event (eg a football tournament or an outing)
  • Playground equipment/solar panel for a local school
The £10,000 can be allocated to one project or split between a variety of smaller ones.
Last year’s (2005/06) fund allocation was £5,000 per ward; in Ladywell this paid for hanging baskets along Ladywell Road and this year’s Christmas tree.

If you have an idea for an activity/project you would like to receive funding for, please submit a brief outline, which must include the following information:·
  • Details/Description of the planned activity/project including the benefit(s) to the local community and how engagement with local residents is achieved·
  • Geographical location (if appropriate)·
  • Dates the activity/project will take place (if appropriate)·
  • The amount of money requested·
  • Name and contact details of person/group submitting application.and provide any other information you find useful in support of your activity/project.
Please e-mail or send your proposal to Cllr Ute Michel (contact details above) by Friday, 5 January 2007. One of the conditions of the funding is that the money needs to be allocated and spent by 31 March 2007 (even if the actual activity takes places later as would be the case with plants). Money can be given in addition to funding already secured for a particular activity. If you would like to discuss details further, please contact Cllr Michel.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Cllrs Mike Keogh, Sue Luxton and Ute Michel
Green Party Councillors for Ladywell ward

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