Monday, December 18, 2006

No Justice, No Peas!

I attended the annual Lewisham Peace Vigil yesterday, organised by Lewisham and Greenwich CND together with Stop the War. I think this is the fourth one now and it's a bit depressing that the same wars that prompted us to start it are still rumbling on. We met outside the library then walked down to the market area carrying lanterns which spelled out 'No justice, no peace', although the person with 'ce' was a little bit behind the others so some shoppers looked a bit puzzled about what the protest against peas was all about. Music was provided by the Strawberry Thieves Socialist Choir. Attendance was a little down on previous years, but it's always a busy day in the year for people to make it.
Interesting posting on Ruscombe Green about 2 campaigns calling for people to send fruit to the government. The Burma Campaign is calling for the UK government to ban British companies from investing in Burma, while the other, Blair's Banana Republic has been set up in response to the decision by the PM not to allow the police to investigate allegations that BAE Systems bribed Saudi Officials to secure a deal to sell them fighter jets. But hey, on the upside, shares in BAE Systems rose 7% on the announcement, which is good for Lewisham Council's Pension Fund, which invests in the company. Not so good for whoever the Saudis may decide to bomb with them, of course. Just seen that Matt and Richard have written about this whole Blair & BAE fiasco.
BTW, this is my 100th posting, and to celebrate the fact, I'm going to take a break from blogging until the new year. Happy Christmas and a peaceful new year to everyone.

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