Saturday, May 27, 2006

T-mobile appeal turned down!

I'm delighted to hear that T-Mobile's appeal re their application to put a mast on the water tower in Dressington Ave has been turned down. They applied for permission to install 6 antennae and a base station at Ladywell Water Tower earlier this year. Lewisham Planning Office turned the application down earlier this year and T-Mobile lodged an appeal with the Planning Inspectorate. This appeal has been unsuccessful.

The reasons given for turning the application down were that the Tower's potential has been exhausted (para 4), how further changes to the external appearance of the Tower would "undermine the architectural integrity of the listed building" (para 5), and how the proposed installation "would be inconsistent with the objectives of Policies URB11 and URB18 of the London Borough of Lewisham Unitary Development Plan 2001 as well as with advice in PPG8 and PPG15" (para 6).

Residents against the Mast (RAM) are of course delighted. They believe that Lewisham Planning Office can cite these as the basis for refusing any further applications they might receive and can't see how, unless the technology gets physically smaller, Lewisham Planning Office can ever give permission for another installation in or on the Tower.

Well done to all the residents who campaigned so hard on this issue.


Anonymous said...

Where do you think masts should go in Ladywell?

Andy Dag said...

Its tricky to identify places that are away from people, but dont adversely impact on the landscape. In York we have had a long running successful campaign where the council turned down a site on a prominent junction close to houses but allowed them (now 3!)200m down the road in Green Belt (screened from the houses by trees) This was all against officers recommendations but with active support of local MP and councillors. If you want the full story look at Fulford Parish Council website.