Saturday, May 27, 2006

Car pools/Car clubs

I've had an enquiry from a resident about the possibility of setting up a car club in Ladywell. This seems an excellent way of reducing both overall car use and the number of cars parked in the area. We have a number of narrow streets with more cars than there is space for in Ladywell, and any way of reducing the need for people to have their own car should be welcomed.

Car clubs have been set up in a number of new developments in Lewisham, including one at One SE8 which was called Urbigo but may be Avis now? Londoncarclubs. Another company streetcar has a club in New Cross and a number of sites in Greenwich.

So my question is, if there was a car club near where you lived in Ladywell, would you consider joining it, and if you are a car owner, would you consider giving up your own car?

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