Saturday, May 20, 2006

control arms, Save Ladywell Pool, baby birds!

Went to Nunhead Cemetary Open Day today - windy and showery, but well attended. I was there with my Lewisham Oxfam Campaigns hat on and we were collecting 'faces' for our million faces petition to control the arms trade. control arms. Over a thousand people are killed around the world every day in incidents involving small arms. There are around 639 million small arms and light weapons in the world today. Eight million more are produced every year.The campaign is calling for the UN small arms conference in June to work towards an international arms trade treaty. 960,000 people have signed up to the campaign so far, another 40,000 needed in the next 35 days!

Yesterday evening I went along to the Save Ladywell Pool Campaign meeting - one of the best attended of their meetings I've been to - people certainly aren't ready to give up now Steve Bullock has been re-elected. Interesting things planned, but I'd better leave it to the pool campaign to announce in due course. The opposition group will also be putting a motion to the June council meeting (can't do this at the AGM next week).

Popping along to 'Healthy Brockley' at Brockley Primary School tomorrow afternoon, an event organised by Brockley Community Church. Includes advice on healthy eating, wildlife walk and laughter yoga, which all sounds good. Visit Brockley Community Churchfor more info.

Off to Darren's 40th birthday party at Toad's Mouth Too now . . .

Wildlife update: baby Robin and baby blackbird in the garden this evening. I think something used one of the nest boxes I have on the wall, but I've hardly been in the garden this year so don't know if it was the robins or the blackbirds. At least they haven't built their nest within reach of the cats, which one lot of blackbirds did last year, with tragic consequences.

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