Saturday, May 27, 2006

Ladywell Safer Neighbourhood Panel Meeting

Thursday was the first mtg of the Ladywell Safer Neighbourhood Panel meeting. The group has been set up for Ladywell residents to tell the local police team what they think the local policing priorities should be for the next few months. Quite a green way of doing things, very bottom up. Interesting first mtg, with a fair amount of consensus among those present that there is a lack of youth provision in the area (which the closure of the leisure centre will exacerbate!), and concerns over motoring offences, specifically speeding and drivers using mobiles. Also discussed 'signal crimes' which means things like graffiti, which can sometimes be the first indication that someone is drifting towards crime. The priorities we set for the Safer Neighbourhood Team for the next 2 months are:

1.Speeding motorists in Ladywell Road
2.Communicating the existence of the team and the panel to the community
3.Graffiti and environmental crime.

With reference to point 2, we still need more members for the panel, particularly younger people and also to advertise its existence more widely. If you live in Ladywell and would be interested in joining the panel, e-mail Sergeant David Deuchar for more info ( The Safer Neighbourhood Team will be at the Hilly Fields Fayre on 24th June.

Any suggestions on what extra facilities there should be for young people in the area welcome!

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