Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Interesting sounding new series starting on BBC 2 from tomorrow called 'The Happiness Formula' about what makes people happy and why a higher GDP doesn't equal a happier nation.

Chimes with part of the Green Party manifesto which reads "the pursuit of economic growth as a force driving over-exploitation of the Earth must cease to be an automatic aim of human societies. We should instead aim to develop sustainable economies, which improve well-being focused on human values rather than consumerism. Traditional measures of economic activity, such as GDP, should be replaced by new indicators that measure progress towards this aim."

That said, work life balance and a healthy lifestyle have completely gone out the window for me in the last few days of the campaign (although my mum has been here cooking for us :)) . The positive response we've been getting on the doorstep means that I'm feeling quite happy, but stress levels are high too! When the election is over I definitely need to start going for a regular swim in Ladywell Pool again having campaigned so hard to try and save it! I started off the year with very good intentions and went to the gym and pool for a few weeks, but then election campaigning took over.

Only one more day until election day, and it's looking very promising for us in Ladywell . . .

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