Thursday, April 02, 2009

Latest news from Jean Lambert MEP

The latest monthly newsletter from Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London is now available on her website. It details some of the work she has been doing both at a London and European level over the last few weeks, including stuff on the London Living Wage campaign, air quality and Heathrow expansion, climate change, employment rights, civil liberties, peace, International Women's Day, Chinese New Year and the ongoing situation in Sri Lanka. I think she's an exceedingly hard-working and effective MEP for London, but then I'm biased and would say that!

London is losing one of its MEPs after this June's Euro Elections, due to the EU enlargement, so we will go from 9 to 8 MEPs. Jean was the 8th out of 9 MEPs elected last time round, so we need to increase our percentage slightly to make sure she gets re-elected. If we do really well on June 4th, we will also get Ute elected as our second Green MEP for London, which would be great, although it would mean a by-election here in Ladywell!

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