Thursday, April 30, 2009

Free Gardening Classes in Frendsbury Gardens (and other bits and bobs)

Things are getting a bit hectic here in the run-up to the European Elections on 4th June - thousands of leaflets to deliver and doors to knock on, so posting may well be a bit more sporadic over the next few weeks. I will probably do a bit more twittering for speed, so if you're not following me yet, please do! If you'd like to help out in the campaign to re-elect Jean Lambert as Green MEP for London, either by delivering leaflets, displaying a poster, making a donation, joining, or in any other way, please get in touch.

Just wanted to give a quick plug to the free gardening classes that are taking place at Frendsbury Gardens. See the South London Garden Organic blog for details. I could probably do with them myself, as my gardening tends to be dictated more by the cycle of elections than seasons, which probably isn't the way to do things.

Other bits and bobs that I've twittered about:
  • the latest batch of the Shop Local in Ladywell bags have arrived today- Emine from Junction Express Drycleaners has them and will be distributing them to other businesses to sell (for which I'm very grateful, as it saves me a lot of work). They will be on sale for £2,50 each (slightly cheaper than last time - we went for a slightly thinner cotton as the price for the old style had gone up and we didn't feel we could sell them at a higher price).
  • Greatfield Close are hopefully setting up a tenants and residents association (TRA) - I went along to a well-attended meeting there last night.
  • Anyone know what the plans are for the former Life Cafe on the corner of Ladywell Road/Algernon Road? Looks like it is being refitted, which is hopefully good news. Might go and be nosy and introduce myself as a local councillor and find out!
I've also been asking officers a number of questions on the new school proposals, to try and get clarification on some of the points residents have been raising, and I hope to be able to post something more on this soon.

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