Sunday, April 26, 2009

New blog and campaign website for Darren

Fellow Green councillor Darren Johnson has a new website and blog. As well as a blog, it's also our Lewisham Deptford parliamentary campaign site.

Take a look to find out more about Darren and his work at both a local council and London Assembly level, as well as ways you can get involved and join our campaign.

His kicked his blog off with a post about the ongoing new school saga.

This is the sister site to our local party website, which we relaunched a few months back and where you can find lots more information about our recent work. Both sites have RSS feeds so you can subscribe to get the latest news releases and blog posts.

I think that these two sites, together with Dean's blog, this blog, Twitter and Facebook give us a pretty good online presence locally. No substitute for getting out and talking to people face to face of course, but definitely a good way to keep local people informed in between ward newsletters.

Oh, and this is our 500th post on Green Ladywell!


Clare said...

Sue - I might be being a bit dense, but I can't see that Darren's blog has an RSS feed. Is that something he could set up? I keep up with all the blogs I read through RSS, and would like to add this one.

Anonymous said...

Hi Clare
Sorry, you're not being dense - we probably haven't made it as clear as we should have. If you click on 'More from the blog' then scroll down a bit you will see the RSS feed in the right-hand column. I'll see if we can get the RSS feed link on the front page.

Clare said...

Excellent - I see it now and have signed up!

Congrats on the 500th post!