Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Advertising board outside 258 Brockley Road - application refused!

Last month I posted about my efforts in getting an illegal advertising board outside 258 Brockley Road removed, only for the advertising company to then immediately apply for planning permission to get it back again. I objected to the application on the grounds of loss of amenity (unnecessary street clutter) and impact on the adjacent conservation area, as did a number of residents. Well, good news! I've just opened a letter from the Planning Service confirming that the application has been turned down under powers delegated to officers. If an appeal is lodged, planning will write and let me know. So thank you to all those who wrote in and objected - it clearly made a difference in this case.

Funnily enough, Ute and I were outside Brockley Kitchen today, with the town centre managers and Des from Brockley Cross Action Group, trying to decide what could be done to tidy up that stretch of pavement. The bins (commercial and residential) were once again on the pavement, which I will follow up on. Royal Mail are sending me weekly 'holding e-mails' assuring me they are still looking into the fate of the post box there, so hopefully something will eventually be done either to reopen or remove it. The bent railings have now been replaced and highways tell me the big pot-hole is the responsibility of the freeholder who owns the stone masons (and they have apparently written a letter asking them to fill it in). We are getting some progress, but rather slowly.

We also visited the horrendous cesspit that is the mews behind SIDS the plumbers and Moonbow Jakes on Brockley Road, but that's another story which I'll post more on separately.

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