Thursday, January 10, 2008

Just when you think you're getting somewhere . . .

On Tuesday I posted about a minor success I'd had getting an illegal advertising board removed from outside Brockley Kitchen. I may have spoken too soon. Yesterday I opened my councillor post to discover notification of a planning application for, yes, you've guess it, a "The retention of one double sided illuminated free standing advertisement display unit outside 258 Brockley Road SE4". Application details can be found on the Council's planning website. This isn't an application by Lloyd who runs Brockley Kitchen (who would like to use the space to have tables and chairs in the summer), but by the advertising company and his landlord.

Given that I have already expressed delight on the board's removal, I can't really claim to have an open mind on this for any future planning committee meeting it may come to, so I have decided to write in and object. The planning grounds I will be objecting on are loss of amenity and impact on an adjacent conservation area.

As I mentioned previously, that section of pavement along Brockley Road has a number of issues with excessive street clutter already, with a BT exchange box, a redundant post box, a number of commercial waste bins stored there, railings, illegal pavement parking etc. Any efforts we make as local councillors, with the town centre manager and the businesses along Brockley Road to get some improvements to this stretch of the street would only be undermined by having an ugly great advertising board stuck in the middle of the path.

I believe that this is an unnecessary piece of street clutter that will have a negative impact on the amenity of the area, and force pedestrians to weave their way around yet another obstacle in order to get past. Furthermore, it looks unsightly and out of place on the edge of a conservation area, and opposite St Andrew's Church, which I believe is a listed building.

Should anyone else wish to write an object to this application, objections should be received by Planning by 28th January and can either be e-mailed to or posted to Planning Service, Laurence House, 1 Catford Road, London. SE6 4SW.

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Cornwallcopeia said...

I totally, totally agree with you. When I lived in Arabin Road (I moved to Cornwall 6 months ago), I was constantly taking snaps of this section of pavement with a view to sending them to someone of importane in the council. I could never help thinking that the doddery-looking postbox was caused by the number of illegally parked cars - most of which appeared to have been linked to the barber's shop. Also, the marble lorry from the monumental mason's shop can't have helped. Having no postbox there was a bit of a pain - the nearest one then being right up Adelaide Road - fine for me, but perhaps less so for the elderly and infirm. The state of the housing association properties along that stretch doesn't help either - particularly the front gardens. Also that massive bush on the corner that seldom gets trimmed....