Thursday, January 10, 2008

One betting licence appeal withdrawn

I've finally got myself sorted and become a contributor to the Green Ladywell blog so that I can report directly on the issues I'm working on as Sue's fellow councillor for Ladywell ward (I'm a less prolific writer, though, so don't expect a similar output).

What better start than a piece of good news: the Crown Court appeal against the Magistrates' Court decision in September to turn down the application for a betting licence for the former Homeview video shop at 329-331 Brockley Road has been withdrawn!

Having supported the campaign by local residents to oppose the betting shop from the beginning a year ago, I am of course very pleased with yet another intermediate success for the local community. Three out of four possibilities for the applicants to obtain a licence (2 applications and 2 appeals) are now gone. This leaves the second appeal (to the Magistrates' Court) against the Council's decision to turn down the second application made under new legislation. The date for this hearing is going to be decided at the end of January.

The appeal against a decision by Haringey Council to turn down a betting application on very similar grounds is going to be heard in late February. The outcome of both is going to have implications not only for the local area that is affected, but is of national significance as these have been the first cases to be decided under the new Gambling Act (2005).

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