Sunday, January 20, 2008

Going Local

I've just added a new link to my Brockley/Ladywell blogroll - Going Local is a new blog by Brockley resident Tom charting his 'adventure in localism' as he attempts to start shopping and living more locally, inspired in part by having read Tescopoly by Andrew Simms of the New Economics Foundation.


Brockley Nick said...

Thanks for highlighting the blog, which will hopefully be a good read as it grows.

Although, when you say it was 'partly inspired' by Tescopoly, it's worth quoting what he actually says:

"But despite my annoyance at Tescopoly’s dreary and unbalanced analysis, the book touched on a number of issues that did have some resonance."

Sue Luxton said...

fair point.

Tom said...


Thanks for highlighting my blog, much appreciated.

Tescopoly - it is a frustrating book for me, it says many things that I agree with, but it is ultimately insubstantial.

Like reading a book detailing the terrible effects of war, and then finding the author believes that just being nice to one another would bring peace to the world.

Anyway, thanks again for the link and I look forward to more exchanges to come!