Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Decent Homes work starting soon in Ladywell

I've received an e-mail today to say that B3 will be starting refurbishment works on council homes in zone b of the Brockley PFI area in the next few weeks, which covers about a third of Ladywell ward, from Somerset Gardens, Elswick Road and Sunninghill Road, down to Malyons Road (so including Viney Road, Nuding Close, the blocks on Brookbank, Ermine and Embleton and any other council properties in that area). Zone A (the northern bit of Brockley along Shardeloes and Barriedale) is nearing completion, and the contractors appear to be running slightly ahead of schedule. Council tenants and leaseholders in zone b should all have received information about the refurbishment programme and will be getting an invitation in the next few days to see a 'show flat' in the area, which has been brought up to decent homes standard.

The properties in the conservation area are next up, in zone c, followed by the roads off Brockley Road from the cemeteries to St Andrews (zone d - Braxfield, Arabin etc) and lastly zone e, which comprises Foxborough Gardens, Dressington Avenue and all the Elsiemaud, Amyruth etc streets.

Just to reiterate, I'm no fan of PFI as a way of funding public services or council housing, but I'm glad that housing in the area is going to be improved.

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