Saturday, January 12, 2008

Funding for activities in Ladywell

Lewisham Council’s Localities Fund scheme provides each ward with £10,000 each year for projects that involve and strengthen the local community and make a visible and lasting difference to the area.

We received over 30 ideas from local residents; after further consultation the following proposals were submitted to the Council for final approval:

· Setting up a youth club/sustainable youth project in the Slagrove Place area (£3,000) – this co-funding will enable Slagrove Partnership to build on their very successful summer scheme last year and develop activities from a more permanent base.

· Purchase and set-up of a table tennis table on Hilly Fields (£2,150) – an initiative by Hilly Fields User Group with support from Glendale.

· Streetscape improvements for Brockley Road (£2,000) – for various reasons the area opposite St Andrew’s Centre has become an eyesore and a blight for the entire shopping parade and surrounding area. Different partners need to be brought together to turn this around and implement durable improvements.

· Annual maintenance for the 8 street planters (6 along Loampit Hill, 2 on the corner of Algernon Road with Ladywell Road, £1,200) bought with last year’s Localities Fund money – following feedback from residents local social enterprise Envirowork Lewisham, who provided the planters last year, is going to use more colourful blooming plants this year. The reason for the choice of plants last year was that they are more resilient in periods of drought.

· 2 notice boards for Brockley & Ladywell cemeteries (co-funding of £1,000) – local group Friends of Brockley and Ladywell Cemeteries aims to improve access and use of the cemeteries by the local community as a public space. The notice boards will provide information about wildlife.

· Summer Fayre on Ladywell Fields (Dressington Avenue area - £300) – initiated by users and staff of Ladywell Day Centre, a community event is being planned for the summer.

· Toys and equipment for Rainbow Drop In (contribution of £200) – this very popular community parents and carers, toddler and baby group at Crofton Park Baptist Church needs to replace their toys and equipment after years of use.

· Equipment for football training on Hilly Fields (contribution of £150) – Brockley County FC run very popular football training classes for younger children and teenagers every Saturday.

The Christmas tree in Ladywell village (£500 including set-up and lighting) has so far been paid for from the previous year’s Localities Fund. Because of new timeframes and procedures it is no longer necessary to plan ahead for it like this.

From the next financial year (2008/09) onwards decisions about the Localities Fund will be made by the new neighbourhood/ward assemblies which are going to be set up in spring.

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