Saturday, February 09, 2008

Recycling and rubbish being mixed together on Ermine Road this week

The contents of both green and black wheelie bins were all being thrown into the same refuse van along Ermine Road this week. Mike, who witnessed this, is following up with officers to find out why this happened and to make sure it doesn't happen again. It may have been a new member of staff not properly trained, but it is obviously very frustrating for all those who routinely separate their waste and try to do their bit, only to find that it has all been sent to the incinerator. Please keep separating your waste and recycling - we will get to the bottom of this and try to ensure it doesn't happen again.


Nigel Tyrell said...

This allegation pops-up from time to time, but we've never been able to find one example of where it has actually happened. We spend a good deal of management time making sure our workers collect the waste they're meant to. They tend not to look for extra bins to load on the truck, or sneak off and add an extra road or two to their round! Some of this confusion comes from the 'slave bins' ued to transfer re-cyclables from the small green boxes. We sometimes use old, lid-less grey wheelie bins for this purpose. people. This then looks like a regular wheelie bin beeing tipped into a recycling truck. Or, sometimes a residents' green wheelie bin has been contaminated with household waste, then we would ask the domestic refuse crew to empty that bin. If you let us have the details, we will follow it up. But please keep recycling!
Thanks. Nigel Tyrell. Head of Environment LB Lewisham.

Anonymous said...

Nigel, that may be the case in a lot of instances, but Mike witnessed the same worker tip the contents of first the black bin then the green bin into the truck, and they continued to do the same as they went up the road. Mike did report it and I understand Sam and Alvaro are looking into it.