Friday, February 29, 2008

Heathrow Consultation - Lewisham Green Group Response

Yesterday I submitted a response to the Heathrow Expansion Consultation, on behalf of the Lewisham Green Party Group. Unsurprisingly, we oppose the plans for a third runway. The full response can be read here. Lewisham Council itself did not submit a response, which I find surprising, given the potential impact increased flights will have on noise pollution levels in those parts of the borough under flight paths, not to mention the impact that climate change will have on every single one of us. The current government seems content to put the onus for action on climate change on individuals, telling us to use energy efficient lightbulbs etc, while with breathtaking hypocrisy expanding airports and allowing new coal fired power stations to be built.


Andrew Brown said...

From memory; the council usually works on these issues through it's membership of London wide bodies, rather than taking an individual position.

weggis said...

Does that resident have planning permission to attach a model aeroplane to their TV aerial?

Andrew Brown said...

Thought I was right about the council being part of a bigger group.

Anonymous said...

Interesting, I think there has been a change of heart here, as the Mayor's response to a question specifically about 2M, asked by Cllr Mark Bennett at Full Council in January, was that he didn't think we should join 2M, which was one of the reasons why we were so critical of his decision not to respond as a Council to the consultation. Full question and answer on page 80 of

"At the current time, Lewisham does not plan to join the 2M group. The alliance is made up of eight west London Boroughs and four other local authorities, all in the immediate vicinity of Heathrow. Additional capacity at Heathrow,
whether through a third runway or mixed mode operation, could have a
significant impact upon these localities. Given that the sort of environmental impact in these areas is likely to be of a different order of magnitude to anything which may be experienced in parts of Lewisham, we are not proposing to join the grouping at this stage."

Good news, thanks for pointing this out!