Friday, September 18, 2009

Road Resurfacing Programme: Brookbank Road is top of the list (hurray!)

Highways have now posted up onto the Council's website their proposed resurfacing programme for the remainder of this municipal year. Phase 1, which included Eastern Road, has now been completed, and top of the list for phase 2, is Brookbank Road. This is good news as Brookbank Road has been in an appalling condition for a number of months now, as residents are all too aware (it deteriorated after the bad weather back in January). As councillors we can and do flag up residents' concerns about the state of roads, but the decision is ultimately taken by the Mayor, based on highways officers' advice, which in turn is based on a condition survey they carry out of the roads each year.

Hilly Fields Crescent, a section of Ladywell Road and parts of Harefield Road and Tressillian Road are also on the list. Unfortunately, the lower part of Tressillian Road, leading down to St Margaret's Road, is not on the list, although it has been in a terrible state for a number of years now. I suspect this is because it is not on the 484 bus route, which a number of the other roads being resurfaced are, which bumps it up the priority list.

Not as many roads on the list as I would like to have seen, but quite a chunk of them are around Brockley and Ladywell, and highways officers are well aware of the poor state of a lot of the roads in the conservation area.

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