Sunday, September 20, 2009

Improvements in Ladywell - Assembly to decide on Tuesday

£50k of council funding (“Mayor’s Fund”) are available this year for improvements in Ladywell ward, and decisions about the projects this money should be spent on are made by the Ladywell Assembly. At its last meeting in June, the Assembly approved two proposals – an urban design streetscape project for Ladywell Road (£10k) and an activity and leadership scheme for young people (£7.4k). These proposals are going to be submitted to Mayor & Cabinet in October for final approval.

Over the summer, more work has been done on a range of other proposals for the remainder of the Mayor’s Fund (£32.6k), and these are going to be presented to the Assembly on 22 September for a decision on funding. There is going to be an opportunity to ask questions about the projects and activities before the vote. At the last Assembly lots of good and very searching questions were asked, and the proposers clearly felt that they were thoroughly “grilled” in the process. Hopefully the forthcoming Assembly will be equally engaged and informative – as there are more projects than funding is available, the Assembly will face some tough decisions. So please come along, join the debate and take part in the decision-making – it is open to anyone who lives, works or studies in the ward so it doesn’t matter whether you have attended previous assemblies or not. Please encourage young people to come as well as one of the priorities is youth provision.

The list of proposals includes different programmes of activities aimed at older teenagers, a safety scheme for local shops, cultural activities, a tree planting scheme and a graffiti workshop. All proposals approved by the Assembly will then be submitted to Mayor & Cabinet for final approval.

Proposals for the annual Locality Fund of £10,000 are still welcome. The criteria for the Locality Fund are more flexible as it does not have to be spent on the ward priorities. Please contact me for further information.

There will also be an opportunity to meet the new Sergeant of the local Safer Neighbourhood Team and some of his colleagues, and you can find out what’s happening locally from the community updates with news from local groups and anyone wishing to share information about the area.

The meeting is going to take place on Tuesday, 22 September from 7-9pm in the modern science block of Prendergast School on Adelaide Avenue, SE4 1JL.

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