Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Exciting projects for Ladywell

Last night’s well-attended Ladywell Assembly made further decisions on the £50k Mayor’s Fund so now all of it is allocated. The projects are:

· Ladywell Road Streetscape and Design Action Plan to investigate options for improvements (£10,000)
· Youth Activity and Coach Development Programme by Lewisham Community Sports for a one year scheme (£7,400)
· Youth Village project to offer recreational, social and educational activities for 13-19 year olds – seed funding for one year (£10,000)
· Hilly Fields (Francis Drake) Community Bowling Green to install a modern irrigation system for the green (£8,257)
· The Ahoy Centre working with the Ladywell Safer Neighbourhood Team for a project with young people that are at risk of offending, and a taster day at the sailing centre in Deptford for local young people (£3,090)
· Get the Message Mural Project to learn about painting murals as well as their public perception, and then create a mural in the local area (£4,965)
· AlertBox Scheme of local businesses on Ladywell Road working with the Safer Neighbourhood Team for an electronic neighbourhood watch scheme to reduce low-level crime and anti-social behaviour (£6,288)

These projects will now be submitted to Mayor & Cabinet in October and November for final approval. I think all of them will make lasting improvements in the area in their different ways and am really looking forward to seeing them happen.

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