Wednesday, December 24, 2008

No councillor surgery on 27 December

The fourth Saturday of the month is on 27 December and due to the Christmas bank holidays both surgeries that day at St. Andrew's on Brockley Road - mine for Ladywell ward and Cllr Dean Walton's for Brockley ward - have been cancelled.

The next regular surgeries are on 10 January: in the old bothy in Hilly Fields from 11am-12pm for Ladywell and in St John's on Lewisham Way from 10-11am for Brockley.

In the meantime I can be contacted by e-mail or by phone and will deal with enquiries and casework after Christmas. In case of an emergency please contact Lewisham Council's switchboard on 020 8314 6000.

The next major ward event is going to come soon: the Ladywell Assembly on Tuesday, 20 January from 7-9pm at Prendergast School (modern science block on Adelaide Avenue), with an update on ward priorities and improvements undertaken and planned. More on this soon.

In the meantime have a quiet or exciting but in any case stressfree break; or, if you are working at this time, like the carers, nurses and doctors, policemen and fire fighters who provide essential services, I hope you get at least a moment or two to take a deep breath and have a cup of tea.

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