Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hilly Fields: Tree Work Planned

Fairly extensive tree works are planned over the next few days in Hilly Fields. The Council's tree officer has identified a number of trees that are potentially dangerous and either need to be pruned right back, or felled. Replacements will be planted for any trees that are removed, with the species agreed in discussion with Hilly Fields Users Group. Some of the logs will be left on site to make benches and/or as wildlife habitat (stag beetles etc).

For info, the works planned are outlined below, with maps that illustrates the approximate locations of the trees.

(by junction of Montague Ave with Adelaide Ave)
T138 - London plane: Crown lift tree to clear lamp post.
T139 - Sugar maple: Pollard: this pruning will be sever due to the presence of a root decaying fungus. A Sweet chestnut tree has already been planted adjacent to this tree to mitigate the future loss of the tree. It is likely that the maple will need to be removed in 5 to 10 years time, once the Chestnut is well established.

T140 - Ash: Fell. This is due to a trunk cavity and split in the trunk.
T141 - Ash: Reduce heavily - This work is necessary due to the presence of a root and trunk decaying fungus. The borough's tree officer will increase the frequency of inspection for this Ash.
T142, T143 and T144 - Hawthorn: All three trees are in very poor heath and require felling.
T145 - Spp?: Hanging branch is to be removed
T146 - Sycamore: Fell as it is dead.
T147 - Poplar: Fell - There is a large cavity at base that has compromised the structural integrity of the tree.
T148 - Sycamore: Fell. It is in very poor heath and structurally unstable.
T149 - Ash: Fell. Very poor condition
T150 - Sycamore: Fell. Very poor condition
T151 - Poplar: Pollard. Tree has been pollarded in the past and the branches that have developed from the old pollard need to be cut back.

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