Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Website for Lewisham Green Party

One of the reasons my blogging has been a little more sporadic over the past few weeks is that in my part-time day job as constituency organiser for Lewisham Green Party, I've been working on a new local party website. Well, that is, doing the donkey work of uploading stuff, not the funky designing bits. It's not entirely there yet (a couple of videos are coming soon), we need a few more photos etc, but it's nearly finished. We're the pilot for a new Green Party local party website template - what do you think?

Get an RSS feed of our press releases, sign up to our supporters' list, find out how you can get involved in our campaigns, join, make a donation, or simply find out more about our policies and what we've been up to.

The next project (again with my constituency organiser rather than local cllr hat on) is a website for our Lewisham Deptford parliamentary campaign, just in case the general election is called sooner than many expect. . .

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Shasha Khan said...

I like it. We hope to go live with a shiny new Croydon Green Party web site in the new year.