Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New Green Party Leadership Team

I was at Green Party Conference at SOAS in Bloomsbury over the weekend. Lots of great speakers and debates and we also elected our first ever leader and deputy leader. Caroline Lucas (MEP for the South-East) is now our leader, and Cllr Adrian Ramsay from Norwich is our deputy leader. You can read more about the conference on Green Despatches. Below is an extract from Caroline's inspiring speech.

This most emphatically doesn't mean that we are going down the road of top-down leadership, like the Labour and Conservative Parties - our members will continue to make the policy decisions at conference. It hopefully means that we will get a slightly higher media profile and when Caroline gets interviewed, she can focus on our policies, rather than explaining what a principal speaker is (the previous title our two main speakers had).

Caroline is also our candidate for our number one target parliamentary seat, Brighton Pavilion. Our other two target seats are Norwich South (where Adrian is standing) and this constituency, Lewisham Deptford, where London Assembly member and Brockley councillor Darren Johnson is our candidate.

Darren Johnson, Caroline Lucas and Adrian Ramsay, candidates for our three target parliamentary seats.

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