Sunday, September 14, 2008

Interested in setting up a South London Garden Organic Group?

Another plug from Ian (who wears many hats).

Are you a member of Garden Organic (previously known as the Henry Doubleday Association ) Or are you interested in gardening/growing vegetables organically?

I am a member of Garden Organic and I contacted them recently asking if there was a local group in South London I could join. They answered me to say there were such groups in North, East and West London but nothing in South London so would I like to set such a group up?

So I said I would if enough people are interested. So here goes:-

Garden Organic said that for the first year there would be no fees but after that the group would need to pay a fee of £30. Advantages are being able to put in group seed orders so we can obtain organic seeds at a reduced rate, extra copies of Garden Organic which would benefit those who are not members already , a mention on the website and being able to join in in various Garden Organic activities e.g. the Master Composters scheme.

However it is basically up to the group to decide what activities to pursue. For instance, we could use the group to swop useful information or excess organic produce/seeds.

If you are interested would you like to let me know and if enough South Londoners are interested I can set about setting up the group.You do not have to be a member of Garden Organic to join the group. Nor do you have to have a garden or an allotment- window box growers will be very welcome!

E-mail Anne S if you are interested.

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