Friday, September 19, 2008

London Freewheel this Sunday, meet up in Ladywell Fields 9.15am

This coming Monday is World Car Free Day, and London's big event to mark this and promote cycling is this Sunday, with the second annual London Freewheel event. 12km of roads in central London will be closed to motorised traffic, but open to cyclists, roller-bladers, skate-boarders, pedestrians and any other forms of self-powered transport I may have forgotten.

There is a marshalled feeder ride from Lewisham to central London, ideal for those less confident cyclists, families, or those, like me, with a tendancy to get lost when trying to cycle into central London. The ride starts in Lower Sydenham at the unearthly time of 8.35am, then goes along the Waterlink Way (ie through parks and off-road) to Ladywell then onto central London via Greenwich. There is a pick up point in Ladywell Fields at 9.15am, which I will endeavour to be at, so maybe see some of you there? It doesn't say where in Ladywell Fields the pick-up point is, but I'm assuming if I wait by the Ladywell Road railway bridge I won't miss people.

Below, to give you just a taster of the fun that is Freewheel, for those who didn't go last year, is the video Croydon Greens made of the day.

Funny (strange, rather than ha-ha), when we saw all the Tories with their red, yellow, green and blue Boris leaflets then, we never really thought that a year later Londoners would have elected him as Mayor, or that he would already have threatened to take so many retrograde steps against cyclists (talking of allowing motorbikes in bus lanes, his transport advisor talking of abolishing the transport hierarchy of modes, backtracking from the previous Mayor's commitment to a London-wide 20mph zone, scrapping the £25 congestion charge that was going to pay for the London-wide bike hire scheme etc etc). Let's hope he doesn't dare to scrap Freewheel next year (hopefully he won't as I think sponsorshop pays for most of it).

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