Sunday, September 21, 2008

Name the derelict property #1

In a variation on Brockley Kate's I spy series, I bring you 'Name that derelict property', featuring a number of properties within Ladywell ward that have seen better days. Follow up post will then look at what can be done/is being done about them.

So, starting with an easy one . . . where is this property? Clue: owner probably isn't short of a bob or two.


Pete said...

Is that the flat above Corals in Ladywell?

Anonymous said...

It is indeed - congratulations Pete, you are the winner!

The owner has been written to by the Council's Empty Homes Officer and informed about the grants the Council provides as an incentive to bring empty homes back into use as social housing. If he doesn't respond, the next step will be for the Council's environmental health term to get permission to enter the property and assess if it presents a health risk and if so take appropriate enforcement action.