Monday, July 30, 2007

Planning Application: Ladywell Water Tower, Dressington Avenue

A planning application has been submitted by T Mobile for Ladywell Water Tower, Dressington Avenue.

"Listed Building Consent for the replacement of three steel panels on the water tank with glass reinforced replica panels at Ladywell Water Tower, Dressington Avenue SE4, together with the installation of three telecommunication antennae inside the tank. (This is a duplicate of the application for Listed Building Consent dated 9 May 2006, ref. DC/06/62509, which has still to be determined)"

Anyone wishing to comment on this application should do so as soon as possible (the official deadline has passed but any comments received before it goes to planning committee will still be taken into consideration) by e-mailing planning and quoting the application reference DC/07/65919/FT.

A meeting has been organised by planning for representatives of objectors to meet with the applicants. This is taking place tomorrow (Tuesday 31st July). Ute will be attending.


leenewham said...

It looks like it could be an exceptional building, I hope the developers do it justice. Giving a new lease of life to buildings such as this should be encouraged. The old police station in Lewisham looks like another great development, but its a shame the Beautiful art deco building in Lady well and the old gymnasium across the road from there looks like they are starting to crumble which is a shame as they are real architectural gems.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lee
The water tower is indeed a great local landmark, and one of the last remaining bits of the vast Victorian workhouse that once covered what is now Slagrove Place and Dressington Avenue. However, the application isn't for any redevelopment - it was already converted into flats a few years back, it's to put further mobile masts on the roof.

Re the Adhesive Specialities Building, various applications have been submitted over the last few years to demolish the building and build flats there, but the applications were turned down. I believe the most recent one has gone to an appeal or public enquiry (can't remember which).

Ladywell Playtower (where the gymnastics club used to meet) is a grade 2 listed building and as such is protected. Rumour is that the council will soon be trying to hand this building over to some kind of community group, as an example of the 'transer of community assets' scheme that Lewisham's CEO, Barry Quirk wrote about in his recent report for the government. If that does turn out to be the case, it will of course take considerable dosh to renovate it.

leenewham said...

Thanks Sue for the updates. I'm glad that the developers haven't been able to tear down the Adhesive Specialities building. I think its great. Shame they can't convert it as it currently lies...what an incredible local conversion that would be!

I'm glad Ladywell is looking after it's assets. And the community group idea is good too...I hope they can get funding. Any chance of it being sponsored by some large company wanting to offlad some charity donation against tax...Come on Mr Branson...make Lady-well!