Sunday, July 01, 2007

Brockley Open Studios - last chance Monday!

Had an interesting afternoon combining delivering our latest Green News with stopping off to look at various artists' work as part of the Brockley Open Studios weekend.
First stop was to see the Brockley Murals in Prendergast school, which are considered to be a supreme example of 1930s neo-romanticism, apparently. The more you look at them, the more details you spot in them. Well worth a visit.

Then I popped to see Maria Strutz on Montague Avenue - lots of bears, goddesses and labyrinths. Then (after dully delivering newsletters to Comerford Rd, Howson Rd and Kneller Rd), I got to what is (by my unscientific reckoning) the second most artistic road in Ladywell ward - Braxfield Rd, where there were four artists taking part in Brockley Open Studios - Marisa Renzullo, Benjamin Glean, Elizabeth Nicholson and Caroline Underwood.

Brockley apparently has the highest concentration of artists anywhere in Europe after Montmartre. 39 artists have taken part in Brockley Open Studios this year, including an incredible 7 artists along Tyrwhitt Rd and 8 on Manor Avenue, arguably the epi-centre of all things artistic in Brockley. The last chance to get to see their work is tomorrow (Monday 2nd July) from 5pm-8pm!

BTW, if anyone would like to help deliver any of the remaining Green News, please drop me a line. All offers of help gratefully received.

(I wonder if anyone's ever investigated how many musicians live in and around Brockley, I'm sure there's loads of them too, I know a harpist, 2 composers and a trumpet player for starters!)

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