Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Lewisham Green Drinks - coming soon to a pub near you!

After a bit of discussion with other local greenies (not just political greenies but Friends of the Earth and others) we have decided to set up a Lewisham Green Drinks, rather like the London Green Drinks, if you've heard of them, but more local. The idea is that anyone interested in discussing green issues/networking with other green-minded people can meet up in a pub once a month. So far we've settled upon the third Monday of every month, with the first meet-up being on Monday 17th September, and we've got a yahoo group and a Facebook page. Send an e-mail if you'd like to be added to the yahoo group. What we haven't done yet, which is possibly the most important bit, is chosen a venue.

Ideally, we'd like to go for somewhere with some green credentials, ie selling some organic/locally-produced beer, fairtrade tea & coffee and perhaps some good food. Any suggestions? I think I need to spend more time researching suitable venues ;).


weggis said...

Purleeze. That jug looks like one of those German litre thingies - and whatever is in it looks like it's been zapped by nuclear radiation.

Sue Luxton said...

oh, I was quite pleased to find that picture - afterall, it's green and it's a drink! (It did occur to me that people might think Green Drinks was about going out and drinking lots of Midori and Creme de Menthe . . . )

weggis said...

Blimey, a link. Thanks Green Ladywell. And in the Green party bloggers section too.
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