Sunday, May 13, 2007

Oops, meant to plug this a few weeks ago

I think Nick on Brockley Central plugged this meet up a few weeks ago, though I can't find the link right now and I said I would too, then failed to do so - sorry! So, better late than never, TONIGHT - Make Your Mark meet up at Toad's Mouth Too, Brockley Road, 6pm.

"The Make Your Mark meetups were started to encourage budding entrepreneurs, creative people, innovators and activists to get together to talk about their ideas.

If you have a plan for a business, a web project, a book, a passion to change something, or simply an idea that you want to try out, come along. This is a friendly place to share a drink and give your idea a bit of love, focus and attention.

We particularly welcome people who want to develop an ethical project or business. Come and find inspiration and practical support to help get your idea off the ground.

Please email Jo Hill if are interested in coming along or sign up at Make Your Mark or contact Jo Hill."

Sounds like a good idea. Wholefood organic fairtrade food co-operative anyone?!


sue said...

Such a pity about the betting shop, a friend and I have been looking for shop premises in Brockley (for over a year) to open our FairTrade, Organic Wholefood,Deli,cafe,takeaway etc etc thang....we are both chefs and I've been involved in the wholefood organic shop and restaurant business since 1992.....due to extreme fustration we have shelved the idea and both spent our money putting down deposits on 2 buy to let properties....a real shame, maybe if we sell our places for huge profits in a few years we may be able to beat the big boys at their
game.....maybe the betting shop will close and ....maybe not....

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! Have been mulling the idea over myself, but haven't got much beyond the pondering stage. What Ladywell/Brockley needs is a wholefood/organic/fairtrade shop/cafe! I would love to turn one of the empty shops on Ladywell Road into a wholefood shop, though the owners seem strangely uninterested in doing anything with them. Being a cllr doesn't leave much time for planning big career changes! I agree that the Homeview shop would be an ideal location, though I imagine the rent on that would be a fair old whack, given its size. Decision on the licensing application should be made on May 30th.