Sunday, May 06, 2007

Election Results (Outside of London)

Mixed election results for the Green Party this time - steady progress in the English council elections, where we held most of our seats and went from 93 to 111 councillors. In Brighton we doubled our seats, jumping from 6 to 12 (something for us to aim for next time round in Lewisham? ;) ) and in Lancaster we went from 7 to 12 councillors. We gained 1 extra councillor in Norwich, taking us to 10 councillors, and were one vote off getting another, which would have made us the main opposition party. In Leicester, where we tied with Labour and lost the coin toss last time round, this time we got 2 councillors elected. Other gains were in Scarborough, Rushcliffe, Herefordshire, Wealdon, Waveney, Mid-Beds, Suffolk, Torridge and Kirklees

A number of near misses, including in Bristol where we were 6 votes off getting a second councillor in the ward where Charlie won last time.

Unfortunately in Scotland we dropped from 7 MSPs to 2, although under the new PR system for local elections we did get our first councillors elected (5 in Glasgow and 3 in Edinburgh). Didn't make any breakthrough in Wales, in fact were beaten by the BNP in a number of regions (ouch).

Won't say anymore, as Natalie, Jim, Peter, Andy, Philip and Matt have all already posted on the results.

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