Friday, May 04, 2007

New Activities for Young People in Ladywell Ward - Ta-dah!

Following on from my earlier post on extra youth provision for the ward, it's taking a little longer than planned to get everything finalised, but I think it's ok to reveal now that the following activities are in the pipeline, barring any last minute hitches :

Film-making course at the Tabernacle, Algernon Road
Greenwich & Lewisham Young Peoples' Theatre (GLYPT) are going to be running a film-making course on Monday evenings at the Tabernacle on Algernon Road. Still waiting for final confirmation, but hopefully this will start Monday 14th May at 7pm.

New multi-media viewing zone for St Andrews Centre
St Andrew's Centre, where so much of the existing youth provision in Ladywell ward takes place, have been given funding to refurbish a room to create a Multi Media Viewing Zone. This will enable them to hold film and discussion evenings for groups of 12 young people. Part of the deal is that the local Safer Neighbourhood Police, among others, will be able to use the facility occasionally to show films on issues such as carrying knives, drugs etc and lead a discussion with young people.

Nail Art and Dancercise
Crofton Park Baptist Church is going to be the venue for two new activites; Nail Art (2 hours, one evening per week for a 5 week course, to be repeated throughout the year to different young people) and Dancercise (Caboodle, two hours one evening per week throughout the year).

Football, football and more football
Hilly Fields Football (Brockley County Football Club) is (fingers crossed) getting a little extra funding soon to enable them to extend their work and coach over 12s football on Saturday afternoons, in addition to the under 12s they currently coach in the mornings.

These activities have been selected based on the feedback we received at the Ladywell ward forum last November, the surveys the Ladywell Safer Neighbourhood Team carried out with young people in the ward, the discussions of the Ladywell Youth Provision steering group and the bids submitted by service providers. We've also tried to spread activities out geographically in the ward. It's something of a stop-gap measure, to get something in place asap, but once these activities are up and running, the Youth Steering group plans to look at longer-term options for youth provision in the ward, making it more sustainable (ie financially viable) and engaging young people more in the process. If you'd like to get involved with this, please get in touch.

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