Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Everyone welcome at climate change pub quiz

From Greenwich & Lewisham Friends of the Earth:

South East London people can have fun, win prizes and help save the planet all at the same time this month – by taking part in a pub quiz designed to help people understand how to combat climate change.

The quiz, which will take place at Deptford’s Dog and Bell public house at 9pm on Sunday 13 May, has been organised by Lewisham and Greenwich Friends of the Earth. Winning teams will receive a range of great prizes including bottles of wine, energy efficient light bulbs and cash.

Explains spokesman Ted Burke: “After more than 100,000 UK voters called on their MPs to support legislation to reduce the UK’s man-made greenhouse gas emissions, a climate change bill is finally passing through Parliament.

“Now we’re keen to raise the public’s awareness of what the Bill does – and doesn’t – deliver in its current form. We believe the Government must set annual targets for reducing carbon dioxide (CO2), the main gas responsible for man-made climate change. Our politicians’ votes can help produce and approve a binding law that’s strong enough for our country to play a real role in stopping greenhouse gases rising to levels that will be disastrous for the planet and for humanity.”

Low-lying and densely populated cities like London were particularly vulnerable to the rise in sea level that a now overwhelming majority of climate scientists expect climate change to cause, says Ted.


The Dog and Bell public house is located at 116, Prince St, London, SE8 3JD. Tel: 020 8692 5664. Cut and paste the postcode into

Want to find out more?

Please feel free to email event organisers Sarah Delamer or Ted Burke.

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